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Heroine “inventor” in medical field

Heroine “inventor” in medical field

March 07, 2024

——Yuyan Zhou, the Provincial ”Most Beautiful Worker”

From the principle of retractable ballpoint pen, it is cleverly applied to the “safety syringe with retractable syringe” which is easy to assemble; From the theory of eel cage’s inverse hook rule, it is applied to “auto disable syringe”; From the principle of clamshell lighter, it is associated with "safety needle” which is high-reliability and easy to assemble... Although graduated from a university with a major in accounting, Yuyan Zhou, the director of technology department of Anhui Tiankang Medical Technology Co., LTD., became an "inventor" with 36 patents in the past 24 years. She has walked out of a string of shining footprints in her ordinary work.



In 2000, Yuyan Zhou, who graduated from accounting major, was assigned to the technical department because of the staff shortage after joining the company. This means everything from scratch. Fortunately, she loves learning and is diligent in research. Through her efforts, she has mastered the relevant professional standards for medical devices at home and abroad, and the medical device regulations of China and the European Union. She also planned and deployed the compliance of the company's quality management system to ensure the continuous and effective operation of the quality management system. Because of not afraid of hard work and working step by step, she went from a layman in the medical device industry into a top-notch technical expert.

As a researcher, Zhou often said: “To withstand loneliness, to keep ingenuity.” In 2005, she discovered that although disposable syringes are easy to use, but there are hidden dangers of recycled, sold and reused. She immediately set up a team to design and develop the product "auto disable syringe" successfully, and was approved as the first intellectual property protected by the national patent.

In 2010, Yuyan Zhou, took on the burden bravely, led the technical team and the company's quality management system team to study each article of the new GMP regulations, and went into the workshop to find problems, and analyzed and improved one by one. After about three months of hard work, the company finally took the lead in the domestic industry through the GMP certification audit, and won the praise of the provincial administrative bureau.

Since joining the work, Zhou presided over the invention and creation of 36 patents, including 4 Chinese invention patents, 7 foreign invention patents from the United States, Russia, and Brazil, and 25 utility model patents. Every invention cannot be separated from thinking during day and night. The acquisition of these patents has enhanced the core competitiveness of the company and injected a strong force for the development of the enterprise.



Auto disable syringe, this patented product, which is led the research and development by Zhou, reaches to the annual order of about 1 billion pieces and create the annual benefits of not less than 50 million yuan; Safety syringe with retractable needle, reaches to the annual order of 50 million orders and create the annual benefits of not less than 5 million yuan. At present, these two types of auto disable syringes rank first in the domestic export volume, and take a leading position in the world.


The company set up the Skills Master Office named after Yuyan Zhou. Zhou, who has unique skills, gives all her experience and knowledge to each other. In order to improve company benefits and product quality, she organized office members to carry out technical innovation activities every week to improve the technology from core research to individual process.


Diverse and practical of learning and training, not only help the company to break through the bottleneck of scientific research, improve the production efficiency and product quality, but also cultivate a group of experts. Zhou believes that compared with the international medical enterprises, there is still a big gap in the production and manufacturing of high-end medical device products in China, and this requires more and more experts, "our weak links should be strengthened."




Especially after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Anhui Tiankang Group took advantage of its own industrial advantages to put into emergency production of medical protective clothing, disposable medical masks, medical goggles and other medical protective products. Zhou volunteered to resume work in advance, collected and studied domestic and foreign standards for medical masks, surgical masks, protective clothing and other epidemic prevention products day and night. She planned the products’ design and development proposal, prepared the documents for product registration and application materials urgently.

She completed the design and development of medical isolation masks, medical goggles, isolation clothing, and filing declaration materials, put into production successfully within 6 days. Then she completed the design, development and registration of medical masks, surgical masks and medical protective clothing, and passed the on-site audit successfully in 10 days. At the most critical juncture of the fight against the epidemic, Zhou has made great contributions to the smooth development, registration and successful production of epidemic prevention products, and delivery goods to the places where they are most needed.



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